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LeetAuth is the fastest available authentication system on the non-enterprise market

Frequently Asked Question

These are questions regarding our backend as well as frontend system

How come LeetAuth is so fast?

Unlike many other competitors we do not use php for any kind of backend. Our backend infrastructure has been built using GoLang, a fast and concurrent modern language & our database system is using MongoDB. Those 2 factors allow us to outperform other competitors by up to 6x. Our frontend is built in JS using the React framework which allows us to have a very fast and modern looking UI that has no loading screens or long freeze times.

How do you guys store passwords?

We have learned from the mistakes of many others, not to use any weak algorithms which often are not even designed for password storage. Example given: MD5, SHA1 and even the SHA-256 or SHA-512 algorithms were not created for secure password storage. We use Argon2id (the winner of the password hashing competition) which, even in a data breach will do its best job to protect your passwords.

Who developed LeetAuth?

Our backend system has been built from the ground up and is being managed by 0xD. Our frontend system on the other hand, has been built form the ground up by cpke.
These are questions regarding user data and how we handle it

Who has access to my data?

Only our main developer (0xD) has the ability to access all user data. This is not done/needed unless we are requested to do so by anyone that encounters errors or needs to be helped directly by the developer of LeetAuth. For example a password reset would need to be done by him until we can implement a safe way for users to do it by themselves.

What user data is logged by LeetAuth?

Type of storage
plain text
hashed using Argon2id
plain text
IP Address
plain text (only the last login IP is kept and can be fetched by the user)
Login logs
plain text (only the owner of the user account & our developer can see them)

Can I get all my data? Can I request its disposal?

Yes! and Yes! It is your data, you have full control of it. Feel free to send us a message or create a ticket in our official Discord server to request all your data and if you wish for the data to be disposed we can do that as well. No questions asked.

Roadmap 2021

  • Allow JSON instead of query/post parameters
  • Support 2FA for logging in
  • Application backups (manual as well as automatic)
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